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We combine PAI's global expertise with deep local insights to help our clients create Change that Matters.

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Africa's Time

We aspire to play a critical role in making Africa a success - economically and socially.

Qualified Team

Drawing on our deep knowledge of Africa and expertise in complex problem-solving through sustainable solutions, we support the public and private sectors in a variety of areas.

Individual Approach

We make the effort to provide you and your project with a uniquely tailored approach to ensure it's success.

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Make a Schedule

Contact us through our US or Ethiopian phone numbers or via email to set up a face to face appointment, if you are unable to, we can communicate through video conferencing, social messaging apps, etc.


Start Discussion

Provide us with the basics of the project you have in mind, and we shall provide you with a tailored proposal.


Review the Plan

Upon recieving your PAI's tailored plan, you can provide us with feedback or get the ball rolling.

About PanAfrican Industries

Best Counseling Network in Africa.

Our consultants have gained rich, hands-on experience and perspectives as directors of both medium and large corporations. They have been there, done it and carry the battle scars as proof. Our team of trusted advisors operate individually as well as members of a team. We can confidently assert that the knowledge they possess in their individual fields of expertise is unparalleled.

Our Services

We Can Help You With These Situations


Strategies that Work: The creation of a realistic, functional strategy that is owned by all the participants and that can be executed to improve the organisation's functioning. Clients learn how to identify opportunities, to take more ownership of the business to correctly manage customer relationships and increase efficiency.


PAI is skilled at developing information systems that are designed to help the organisation achieve its objectives, leading to more predictable outcomes.


Traditional performance appraisal systems tend not to work in Africa's changing business climate. PAI assists its clients to deploy a simple but effective scorecard performance management system that can be quickly implemented and is directly connected to the company's business objectives.


PAI recognises the critical importance of having highly skilled managers who consistently operate at their peak. The coaching is aimed at high potential senior managers and executives, to help develop their attitudinal and managerial skills.


Representation - PAI has successfully represented several businesses seeking to penetrate African markets by helping them to find the right partners and projects. We provide proactive support to establish sustainable and profitable businesses in these lucrative markets.


Qualified advice provided to companies for legal and governance purposes.


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